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General Terms

By ordering a commission you agree to these Terms of Service.

• Use the Commissions Form on the Commissions page to request your commission.


Prices are subject to change based on demand. Also, some terms might prove to need some revision after time and experience, so always check the Terms of Service again *before* submitting a (new) Commission Form (of course, no changes will be made during your active commission).


I have the right to reject your commission. This can be due to conflicts in schedule, me not feeling comfortable or confident in the commission request or any other reason I will not explicitly have to state.


Payment & Refunds

• Currency: Prices and payments are in EURO (€) and can be paid through PayPal or through Bank Transfer for EU customers.

• Payment: Commissions can be paid either 100% upfront or split 50% upfront and 50% after the final sketch approval.

>> Don’t send me any payment before I have confirmed to do your commission and have requested you to send me the payment.

Full Refunds are only possible if I have not started working on your commission. For refund requests after the approval of the final sketch I will have to charge 40% of the full commission price. If I have to cancel the approved commission from my end due to unforeseen events you will receive a full refund.

Do not request a PayPal Chargeback when a refund is due. I will transfer the money back to you.



There will be different phases during the creation of your commissioned artwork and for some of them your feedback and revisions are required.


• Rough Sketch: I start to work on your commissioned artwork using the information from the Commission Form as well as the references and notes you have provided. I will submit a rough sketch or possibly multiple for you to review to be able to continue working onto the next step.

• Cleaner Sketch & Color Direction: You will get a better idea of where the piece is heading. At this step you will again be able to provide feedback and revisions. After your approval here it will not be possible to make big changes to the piece.

• Final Piece: I start to work on your final piece. Due to the artwork being created traditionally (aka physically on paper), I will not be able to make big adjustments after finishing the piece.


>> If you would like the commission to remain a surprise to you, kindly let me know at which phase you do not wish to receive updates or revision requests.

>> I will do my best to make you happy with your commissioned piece! If there are mistakes in the piece caused by myself I will try to fix them to the best of my abilities, but if there are mistakes in the piece due to the commissioner forgetting to provide or giving wrong information that requires more revisions and work than mentioned above, I might have to charge an extra fee.



• You will receive the following:

  1.  A digital, cleaned up scan of the finished artwork (300 DPI, A4 sized JPG + a web friendly version)

  2. The physical commissioned artwork sent to you

>> Shipping is not included in the base price list

>> You can also opt to not receive the physical artwork if you only need the digital files.


• Tracked Shipping, needs to be signed by receiver:

  • NL = €8,55

  • EU = €12,55

  • US & Rest of the world = €19,30

• Untracked Shipping

  • NL = €4,10 (Brievenbuspakje)

  • EU, US & Rest of the world = €5,-

>> In case of the unfortunate event that the package with the original artwork gets lost (either via tracked or untracked shipping), I can only offer you to resend a high quality art print of the original artwork.

>> In case of the Tracked Shipping package getting lost, you will receive up to €50,- back as the shipping company (PostNL) covers this in their Tracked Shipping insurance (as well as a high quality art print as a replacement as stated above).

>> Please check your address carefully.

* I know the shipping prices in my country are very high :<


Copyright & Usage Policy

Personal Commissions: Currently I offer Personal Commissions Only. The artwork is not allowed to be used Commercially. Meaning:

  • You are not allowed to: make money off it in any way (merchandising, selling prints, pay per download, advertising, logos, publishable material like book covers, use it as a mascot for you video or streaming channel).

  • You are allowed to: print the artwork for your own use, post it on social media, use it as your avatar, claim your original character as your own (but not the artwork itself), one time personal usage merch (like a mouse mat for your office).


• I will reserve the rights to the artwork: I will be allowed to record the process and share it on my social media platforms however I see fit. This could mean:

  • Posting: the rough sketch, line art, final piece, sneak preview, time-lapse video/reel of the full process etc.

  • On platforms such as: Instagram, YouTube, my portfolio or commission info etc.

>> If the commission needs to be a surprise (to you or a giftee), kindly let me know in the Commission Form. I will then:

  • Only post the artwork or process thereof after the commission is delivered.

  • Not post the work at all if it's completely private (this might require a fee)

• Artist Credit: When posting the commissioned artwork on your social media platforms, you do not need to explicitly mention me as the artist at all times, but it is greatly appreciated.

When asked about the artist of your commissioned artwork (on social media or in person) , kindly identify me (N1MH) as the artist. Please do not mislead others into thinking someone else made the artwork.

All drawings will include a subtle signature on the front or the back that you may not remove.

Thank you! ♥

~Chantal / N1MH


Let's Create Together

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