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Chantal Paardekoper (aka N1MH) is an artist from the Netherlands who loves to create illustrations with fantasy, sci- fi and fashion elements.

She works from a small home studio, where she creates art with multiple different media, including traditional tools such as watercolors, ink, markers and pencils, as well as digital tools.

When she is not creating art, working on her ETSY business or generally being glued to her computer screen, she enjoys traveling in both nature and cities, wining & dining and hanging out with her two cats and partner.

Having followed studies in language and cultures, Chantal decided to leave university at 22 to pursue her creative heart.  Passionate about colors, design and arts, she started on her artistic journey by practicing and studying art from home. Currently, she is trying to expand her small business by creating new products, all the while striving to improve her art.

Follow @N1MH on Instagram for updates.

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